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1. With GPS: 

GPS Coordinates: 

41º 36' 20.45" N / 0º 36' 24.01" E
Or get directions as "Calle Cardenal Cisneros, " or "Paseo de Ronda, corner with Calle Cardenal Cisneros".

2. From the motorway AP-2 (Barcelona - Spain - Zaragoza):

Take exit 6 (Lleida). While passing the toll, continue straight until you reach Lleida city, following straight on, cross the new bridge by the river Segre.

Once crossed the bridge, go straight to the Body and Gayón Street, then access to a broad avenue called Paseo de Ronda.

The Food Science and Technology Park is located in the Lleida Gardeny Hill (which is located to the left of the entrance to the Paseo de Ronda). To access this hill and the park management office is to advance the Paseo de Ronda up to half the height of a roundabout that gives us a 180 degree turn to return the Paseo de Ronda same in reverse (bound to the new bridge).

Before leaving the Paseo de Ronda, right, is a signpost of Food Science and Technology Park of Lleida, situated in the wall Gardeny Hill. At this point you should take the road that climbs upwards. Continue straight following signs in the park.

L’Oficina de gestió del Parc es troba situada a l’Edifici CeDiCo , planta primera

3. From Highway A-II (old N-II)

3.1. From Barcelona:
Coming from Barcelona, take the first exit "center Lleida-Tarragona - Tortosa (kilometer 474) and go straight along (as if it were growing in the direction of Zaragoza, Huesca) to enter Lleida across the bridge again. From this point connects with the above explanation.

3.2. From Zaragoza:

Coming from Zaragoza, must take the exit North Lleida - Almacelles - Huesca (kilometer 458). Entry to the city of Lleida Av. Alcalde Rovira Roure. Upon reaching the junction of Av. Alcalde Rovira Roure the Passeig de Ronda, access to the Paseo de Ronda turning right and follow it around to the bottom (e Barcelona - Zaragoza). At the end of Passeig de Ronda find the sign indicating access to Food Science and Technology Park of Lleida.

More information:

Lleida Agri-food Science and Technology Park Consortium.
Management office: Parc de Gardeny, edifici CeDiCo. 1a. planta
25071 Lleida Tel. 973 27 29 22 – Fax 973 26 71 61 –


Building "CeDiCo (Center for dissemination of knowledge), is located on the Office of Management Science and Technology Park Lleida Agri-Food.

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Institut de Reserca Biomèdica Arborètum - Jardí botànic de Lleida

Parc de Gardeny, Edifici CeDiCo
1a. planta, Lleida - 25071
9732722922 973 272 922
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